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Our vision


We are a commercial cleaning company, built on an innate passion to deliver an exceptional cleaning service to our wide and varied client base, many of whom we have developed long-term relationships with. 

Based in Birmingham, we are owned and managed by a team of industry professionals with over 90 years of industry experience. Our people are our business and the we clean ethos is encapsulated by its simple message – ‘we clean and proud of it!’ whereby absolutely everybody within our team is encouraged to take pride in their work.

Since our inception in 2003 we have always treated our staff with the utmost respect, and we are now proud to employ over 550 people. 

Our dedicated management system ensure that everybody within our organisation feels very much a part of we clean and our future growth. 

The cleaning industry is an ever-changing one, no two days are the same, and we are continually adapting our cleaning service delivery to ensure that total compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations, Duty of Care, Environmental and Employment Practises. 

We are in the best possible position to deliver an exceptional cleaning service to you and your facility, today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Directors, David Harker & Paul Concannon



“Our business is built upon taking ‘pride’ in what we do”!

Nobody within the we clean commercial cleaning organisation epitomised this Company ‘Ethos’ more than our late, Dear Friend and Colleague Dorothy ‘Dee’ Richards.

Our Dee over 13 years of committed and loyal service consistently delivered the importance of…


…to her numerous devoted Cleaning Teams and displayed these fundamental credentials in every aspect of her working life with we clean.

As a lasting memorial to Dee the Annual we clean ‘Pride Award’ will now be renamed the ‘Dee Richards’ Pride Award and whoever achieves this accolade will know that they have contributed something very special to our business and have upheld the “we clean desire and passion to do the job right”!
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