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As an eco-friendly organisation we clean  is committed to providing and developing quality, green cleaning services that have a minimal environmental impact, and so help to safeguard precious natural resources for future generations.

As proud market leaders within the Cleaning Industry we clean is genuinely determined to improve still further its environmental and sustainability credentials as we embark upon a committed journey to ‘Net Zero’ with the aim of achieving ‘zero status’ by 2030!

The Company has consciously developed an internal Environmental Management System (EMS) called we clean GREEN that has the overriding objective of ensuring that ‘green cleaning’ is at the very core of our daily activities and forms the focal point of our ISO14001 Accreditation.

Critical to our green cleaning success is partnering with like minded organisations that produce and supply environmentally friendly Recycled Paper Products, Eco Label Chemicals, Best Practice Training Systems and Service Innovation that will inherently protect our shared environment.

Our fleet of electric vehicles have already saved over 70 tonnes of CO2 since their inception over 3 years ago and our ISO 14001 accreditation reinforces our position as the ‘Green Cleaning’ company for the Midlands.

We take great pride in being able through our flexible management systems to align ourselves with environmental and sustainability aspirations of our clients whilst receiving the full support of our principal supplier partner Merton UK Group whose own company mission statement is centred on ‘Working Towards a Safer Environment’!

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We ensure that cleaning specifications are met and where possible exceeded, and that our service is delivered both safely and efficiently.

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