Combatting COVID-19!

    Our ultimate objective is to maintain and deliver safe working environments for all.

    We have adapted our service offering to ensure that we are at the forefront of modern cleaning, through the management of infection prevention and control measures to combat COVID-19.

    At the forefront and cutting edge of our battle with COVID-19 is the we clean Specialist Cleaning DivisionThis team of industry experts carry out a range of specialist services that include: fogging sanitisation cleans for office environments, steam cleaning of washroom facilities, flood and fire restoration works and professional carpet cleaning.

    Fogging and Sanitisation Service

    Our sanitisation fogging service has been of critical support to our clients who wish for every square inch of their premises to be effectively treated to ensure all but 0.1% of enveloped viruses, pathogens and bacteria have been eradicated which is essential in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case. Utilising innovative directional fogging and anti-bacterial cleaning methods we are able to provide a premium and comprehensive service that will deliver a safe working environment and give you and your staff the peace of mind to carry out your daily functions. 

    Our Specialist Team are on hand to deal with all emergency situations to tackle unforeseen failures of building fabrics or systems, within a 4-hour time frame.

    Our team will use industry leading equipment to initially deal with the emergency quickly and effectively and then provide ongoing monitoring of de-humidifiers and air blowers to remove excess moisture from fabric and fixtures within your premises.

    Cleaning Technicians

    We understand that today’s world calls for more than just ‘Cleaners’ – so we will provide responsible and highly trained Cleaning Technicians.

    Our teams will follow the three step ‘Clean Safe’ rule:

    • Regular cleaning – to remove visible dust and dirt.
    • Sanitisation – to reduce bacteria and risk of infection
    • Disinfection – to eliminate pathogens, enveloped viruses (Eg. COVID-19) and disease causing microorganisms.

    Our Cleaning Technicians are immaculately presented in we clean uniform, with appropriate PPE and will adhere fully to detailed risk assessments and method of works plus any specific client guidelines to maintain COVID secure workplaces.

    Our objective is to make you and your building users feel assured that all measures have been taken to protect everyone against this hidden virus.

    Our services are all-encompassing and carried out by our highly trained and experienced Cleaning Technicians who will specifically focus on all touchpoints such as door handles, lifts, stairways, desks, kitchens, seating and carpeted areas. 

    We have been providing these services both extensively and diligently across our client portfolio and numerous differing commercial sectors.

    We are ready for the challenges that COVID-19 has imposed upon us all and we will strive to keep you and your employees safe.

    we clean To Combat COVID-19!


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