Floor and Restoration Cleaning Birmingham

    Floor Restoration

    In 2020 we live in a fast moving, ‘throw away’ society, but there is still a need to appreciate and implement traditional values, that promote restoration and longevity.

    We are fortunate to possess in-depth knowledge, and within our Specialist Cleaning Division we have a number of ‘skilled technicians’ who are able to clean, maintain and restore a vast array of floor types and surfaces.

    Our processes include restorations of:

    • Marble, terrazzo and other stone flooring using traditional ‘Vitrification’ techniques and maintaining such floors with the latest TwisterTM floor pad technology.
    • Wooden Floors including Parquet, Granwood, Oak Strip Flooring can be sanded to remove imperfections, re-varnished and polished to bring life back to your Gym, Dining hall or Conference suite floor.
    • Vinyl flooring coverings requiring deep intense Scrub or Strip Cleaning and where necessary protective polish seal applied to maintain the look and slip resistance of your floor.

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