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Dee Richards Pride Champion 2023

Dee Richards Pride Champion 2023

Now into its 8th Year the annual Company Pride Awards programme is a lasting memorial to our ‘Dee Richards’ who more than anyone epitomised the unique we clean consistently operating with the utmost professionalism whilst her genuine passion for the cleaning industry filtered through to the numerous cleaning teams that were fortunate to grow under her tutelage.

Hence to be recognised as a ‘Dee Richards Pride Award Champion’ is the ultimate accolade within our organisation – with the deserving recipient clearly demonstrating that they have gone ‘above and beyond’ in their role, displayed outstanding attributes in line with our unique Company Ethos and provided an exceptional service to our clients over a consistent length of time.

Over the past 12 month’s no one within the organisation has been more deserving of this recognition than Nicholas Jeywright, our Contract Management Support based in Milton Keynes and we are delighted to announce him as our Dee Richards Pride Award Champion for 2023!

Nick Jeywright, 2024 Dee Richards Pride Champion

Nick Joined we clean following a TUPE transfer back in 2019 and initially kicked off his career as Cleaning Location Manager for the Norfolk & Ashton Buildings, a large, tenanted office facility in the centre of Milton Keynes that we service on behalf of property company CEG.

Nick’s incredible enthusiasm immediately shone through, his style of management was very much to ‘lead by example’ and with his dedication to do the job right,  plus an inherent passion for the cleaning industry, has ensured that he has developed a really ‘effective and committed’ cleaning team within Milton Keynes.

Operating under Richard Wharton, Operational Business Manager, Nick has continued to excel progressing to the role of a Contract Management Support during the past 12 months where he has provided invaluable support to Richard in evolving our commercial presence within the Milton Keynes area.

As a result Richard had no hesitation in putting forward what he believed were Nick’s credentials as worthy nominee for this year’s Champion Award, commenting:

“I couldn’t be prouder of Nick receiving this most prestigious award and I am genuinely delighted for him. Nick has progressed brilliantly over the past 12 months and certainly deserves this formal recognition having displayed consistently the core qualities required of a Dee Richards Pride Award Champion during his time with the business”. For example:   

  • Long term commitment to his role (3 years +) – Nick has worked for we clean since TUPE transferring to us in March 2019 and has taken on the role of Location Manager and more recently Contract Management Support with incredible enthusiasm and passion. Nick and myself have not always seen eye to eye especially in the early days but what I have had with Nick is someone who even when they are ill will still show up for work and give what he can to the role.
  • Immaculate & professional personal presentation  – whenever I go to site at Norfolk + Ashton or Witan Studios Nick is always well turned out and is regularly nagging me for new uniform so that he can present himself in the best light. When Nick presents himself at the Head Office he always ensures he is wearing all his uniform correctly and has a high regard for his own personal presentation.
  • Unfailing Reliability – As stated previously I have every confidence in Nick that although he does suffer with various illnesses from time to time if he can get into work he will do so. He is willing to drop into work at a moment’s notice, with a ‘Client First’ attitude that is required to exceed expectations.
  • Inherent Integrity – what I have found with Nick is that if he feels that something is down to himself for not being done he will hold up his hands and tell me so. I never have to worry about whether Nick is carrying out my requests and with his new responsibility of CMS looking after a number of properties he has risen to the role delivering a stable management structure in Milton Keynes giving me the platform to grow We Clean in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.
  • A Team Player – Nick demonstrates his willingness to be a ‘team player’ with his numerous cleaning staff in Milton Keynes and never will Nick ask anyone to carry out any duty that he will not do himself and many times he will take on work for the benefit of the team to allow them to focus on other key areas.
  • Genuinely going the extra mile to support the reputation of our business and proud to work for we clean – Nick has always delivered an excellent service on behalf of we clean for CEG. Various Building Managers have sang Nick’s praises and this has continued with Jasmin Padmore the new Building Manager for CEG at Norfolk + Ashton who recently emailed to express her gratitude in the manner in which Nick dealt with a major flood at 5.30am on a Monday morning a few weeks back within the Buildings bin store. Not phased Nick promptly dealt with the whole incident professionally and efficiently leading to minimal damage to the building fabric after promptly notifying the CEG E Logs Helpline of the problem.

Paul Concannon Director was quick to echo Richard’s observations of Nicks enduring qualities commenting:  

“When I first met Nick shortly after his TUPE Transfer into our organisation my first impressions of him were very positive – he clearly had a passion and loyalty to the 3 Buildings he managed down in Milton Keynes and he was keen to continue providing unfailing reliability to our client but with the support of ‘we clean’.

More importantly, for me Nick over time has shown himself to be someone with immense ‘integrity’ and we have been able to trust him to deliver outstanding levels of professionalism and service standards to this key client within our ever growing portfolio – and this despite him being based 70+ miles from our own Head Office Facility.

Nick is more than deserving of the Dee Richards Pride Award Champion Trophy, he is a fantastic ambassador for the ‘we clean’ brand displaying consistently the unique attributes that allows our business to set itself apart from the ‘Industry Norms’ and we are very proud to have Nick within our Team!

Many Congratulations Nick!


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