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The ‘West Brom’ – One Year On!

The ‘West Brom’ – One Year On!

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since The West Bromwich Building Society made the short move across town from West Bromwich High Street to their impressive Head Office Facility in Providence Place.

The 70,000sqft office space accommodates over 550 West Brom Building Society staff, and we clean are proud to have 16 Cleaning Operatives on-site each weekday to ensure that both the exterior and interior of the building remain as immaculate as the day it first opened back in April 2016.

After working closely with The West Brom for over a decade, we clean played a pivotal part in ensuring that the transition from the old to the new went smoothly, with our Specialist Cleaning Division carrying out an initial office ‘sparkle’ clean before any staff moved in to the new Head Office facility. 

With 16 Cleaning Operatives, including a Daytime Housekeeper and Porter operating over 5 floors we are able to maintain this ‘state of the art’ facility and ensure that any problems that do arise can be dealt with quickly and effectively. 

In addition, we clean will be providing Scheduled External & Internal Window Cleaning to all areas of the building, a comprehensive ongoing Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Programme and periodic Hi Tech Cleaning to all workstations throughout the office complex. 

The West Brom Corporate Facilities Manager, Mark Brayford commented:

“A year has flown by, we clean were on-site from the off and they carried out the first full office clean which helped us prepare for all of our staff coming in. Throughout April 2016 we moved all 500 plus staff into the building and so for that period we clean had to provide additional resources to deal with the transition and by introducing both the Housekeeping and Porter roles it has made a real difference and been a big success. We set out and put a plan in place to help ensure that the building stayed looking as good as it did on the first day. We’re all very pleased with how things have turned out and are delighted with we clean who always go above and beyond. Lynn Gill (we clean Contract Manager Black Country) is excellent and always on hand to nip any problems in the bud.”

With approximately 37 West Brom Building Society branches to look after throughout the West Midlands and Welsh borders, together with the new Head Office Facility, Lynn is constantly busy but thrives on the challenge of ensuring that the high we clean standards that are set never drop! 

Lynn believes this is all down to teamwork:

“It’s all about working together, the team we have here at Providence Place are ‘outstanding’ and always give 110%, of course the transition initially was a challenge, especially for the long standing staff members who were so used to the old WBBS Principal Office located on the West Brom High Street. But thankfully everybody has adapted well, and we’re confident that we leave Mark and all the staff at West Brom with nothing to worry about, as we’re here to make things easier.” 

We are immensely proud to work with The West Brom, who have grown to become the UK’s 7th largest Building Society, and we are pleased their transition went so smoothly and that we have helped keep this new office space incredibly clean and look forward to doing so for many more years to come!


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