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A We Clean Client Centric Focus @ 50 / 60!

A We Clean Client Centric Focus @ 50 / 60!

In any business, first impressions are crucial, and the first impression for visitors is often the cleanliness of client premises and the friendliness of staff within. Whether it’s commercial office space, a restaurant, hotel, or retail environment, a clean and welcoming environment is expected. To meet and exceed these expectations, cleaning staff play a pivotal role. By completing a customer service course, cleaning personnel can transform their role from being just ‘cleaners’ to being ambassadors of exceptional customer service and hygiene – ensuring delivering service excellence remains at the heart of operations.

To this effect Leah Whiffin we clean Cleaning Operative within 50 / 60 Station Road (Cushman & Wakefield) recently carried out a Principle of Customers Service Course (Level 2) – a course geared towards ensuring individuals can communicate effectively and professionally with clients and building users.

The Role of Cleaning Staff in Customer Service

Often overlooked, cleaning staff are the unsung heroes of customer experience. Their work ensures that businesses maintain a positive and hygienic atmosphere for clients and employees alike. However, it is not just about maintaining cleanliness; it is also about delivering a friendly, approachable, and helpful demeanour to anyone they encounter during their duties. Whether it’s a quick greeting, a friendly smile, or a willingness to assist with minor client inquiries, cleaning staff have the potential to leave a lasting positive impression.

Benefits of Completing the Principles of Customer Service Course

  • Enhanced Communication Skills: The course helps cleaning staff develop excellent communication skills. They learn how to engage with customers and colleagues effectively, actively listen to feedback, and respond appropriately to various situations.
  • Increased Empathy and Sensitivity: Understanding the needs of clients and building users is essential for delivering exceptional service. A customer service course teaches cleaning staff to be empathetic and sensitive to the concerns of others.
  • Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution: Cleaning staff can encounter challenging situations while performing their duties. A customer service course equips them with problem-solving techniques and conflict resolution strategies, enabling them to handle issues efficiently and professionally.
  • Building Positive Client Relations: Engaging with clients in a friendly and helpful manner fosters a positive relationship between the cleaning staff and clients. This positive interaction can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Leah works within a large Cleaning Team with multiple members and therefore cooperation and teamwork are vital. This course can emphasises the importance of teamwork, encouraging cleaning staff to collaborate with each other to ensure a seamless client experience.

Leah’s Feedback On The Customer Service Course

Leah within her daytime role has already begun applying the skills she learnt throughout the 12 week course, commenting:

“The course has really helped me to communicate with both the Cushman and Wakefield Building Management and tenants within 50 / 60 more professionally. It has also built my confidence immensely as I am now more aware of how to liaise better with clients and gauge their body language and reaction.

It has enabled me to shoulder more responsibility from Richard (Operational Business Manager) and Chris Cooke (Contract Manager) in terms of we clean but then also Renata Ujvari from the 50 / 60 and Cushman and Wakefield Management Team.

Looking ahead I am also keen to enrol on a NVQ Level 3 Management course – this will help further my career within the cleaning industry and attain the management skills required.

I really enjoyed the Customer Service course and am already putting it into practise within my role!”

Richard Wharton, Operational Business Manager

Richard Wharton Operational Business Manager has been delighted with Leah’s hunger to improve and develop:

“Leah came into the business as a Cleaning Operative over 2 years ago as part of our 50 / 60 Station Road Cleaning Team and was able to commit to daytime hours – which is a perfect fit for her working closely with the Building Management / Front of House Teams for this Cushman & Wakefield managed property.

Leah’s personality and work ethic means that there is a long-term vision for her to step into a Site Managerial role and Leah has reinforced this with the request to undertake as much training as possible and has specifically showed interest in this Customer Service qualification. This has been a great stepping stone for her and after completing the course Leah is already applying her learning and is now looking to take the next step which will be her NVQ Level 3 in management.

I am sure given Leah’s attitude and dedication to the role, she will continue to shine and grow with we clean!”


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