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Noah Checkley and We Clean Hit Top Speed!

Noah Checkley and We Clean Hit Top Speed!

We are absolutely delighted to be sponsoring the future racing talent of the West Midlands – Noah Checkley!

Noah is a budding racing car driver with a passion for motorsport and furthering his career as a driver. As an organisation we clean have strong ties within our local community and take great pride in supporting local initiatives.

The son of we clean Payroll Administrator Christine Checkley, Noah fell in love with racing at the age of 12, initially through karting at his local track before progressing into outdoor racing.

We sat down for an interview with Noah himself, to learn further about his developing career, plans and how we clean have supported him:

We Clean Director David Harker and Noah Checkley.

Thank you for visiting us here at our Head Office, Noah – how did your racing journey start and what are your first racing memories?

“I have always loved motorsport and all things associated with the sport – whether it be Touring Cars or Formula 1.

For my 12th birthday I asked to go Indoor Karting and this is where I then fell further in love with the sport and it all clicked! I have loved it ever since really.”

You have already made fantastic progress with your racing journey – what were those initial steps like?

“So I initially progressed to indoor karting where I developed the basic skills required and honed in on different aspects of racing. This gave me a good foundation and my hunger grew to develop within the sport.   

I then explored outdoor racing – the speed is limited indoors and we really wanted to progress and experience different driving conditions, varying weather and how this affects the track and the car on the track.

As I then became more experienced, I started the Club 100 as a rookie and a junior.

The Club 100 is essentially racing stripped out Karts and touring these around the country, racing different tracks in different categories.

I then transitioned from 4 stroke to 2 stroke – a 2 stroke Kart is faster and can reach speeds of up to 70mph meaning it is obviously more challenging and closer to full racing in a car.”

Noah has had a brilliant start to his racing career – amassing an enviable collection of trophies!

Looking towards the future – what is next for you?

“I have now completed my GCSE’s and am applying for scholarships linked to the racing world. 30 juniors have applied so these are extremely competitive, it involves 6 tests, such as a fitness exam, changing tyres and assessing driving skills. I also have to carry out a full presentation and media interview – it is really positive for my career and will certainly benefit me later in life!

I am also planning on doing as many races as possible – it is important to get more track time under my belt and I am keen to soak up as many experiences as possible!

This year I still want to do Club 100 and Kart racing with Daytona – basically as much competitive carting as possible.

Looking further ahead the ultimate goal for me would be racing in the British Touring Championship – that is where I am setting my sights.

There is a good route through from junior racing but obviously it is very difficult to achieve, not only financially but also due to how hard it is to break though as it is really competitive with so many racers.

I can also look at becoming a tutor once more experienced and teach the next generation.

Like the scholarship I mentioned earlier I am also looking at a Motorsport diploma!”

Noah and the Citroen Saxo he has been racing in throughout 2023!

And how has the we clean sponsorship helped you?

“It has helped much more than anticipated to be honest and has been a massive help. I really appreciate the support from we clean and particularly Directors Paul Concannon and David Harker who have both been very supportive.

It helped to fund the Club 100 and then I also used it towards part of the entrance fee for the JSCC – there is also a bonus scheme in place for when I am successful!”

Thank you for your time today Noah – we wish you all the very best for the future and in your racing career!


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