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Born In Brum!

Born In Brum!

The humble vacuum cleaner dates back to the early 1900’s and has been a staple in homes and commercial properties across the country ever since. However, the benefits of a properly functioning machine as well as the environmental impact of their daily usage is often overlooked!

Not here at we clean however, we have been pioneering innovation and reducing our carbon footprint since our inception back in 2003. With this in mind our Procurement Team recently underwent a process of sourcing a ‘locally’ manufactured, environmentally friendly vacuum that has all the powerful suction required to clean even the toughest of environments.

Without further ado, let us introduce the Victor V-9 HEPA Dry Tub Vacuum

Jennifer Courtney, Location Manager, showcasing the new Victor V-9 Vacuum.

This new we clean branded tub Vac is being rolled out across our contractual portfolio throughout Q1 of 2023 and has numerous performance benefits as well as the aforementioned environmental credentials to match:

  • HEPA Filtration Rate of 99.99% – HEPA filters use multiple interlaced fibres to create a ‘maze’ that traps particles, preventing them from being recirculated into the air. The V9’s unique rigid filter sits between the bag and the motor and creates a certified HEPA filtration rate of 99.9984%. This means the V9’s filter traps almost every single particle of dust, bacteria and mould, making it very popular in the healthcare sector. Without this level of filtration, other vacuum cleaners would simply recirculate these particles back into the air.
  • Born In Birmingham – Manufacturer Victor are based just 10 miles from our Rubery Head Office, with 98% of all sub assembly parts sourced locally. This was a huge consideration within the procurement process resulting in significant reductions in transportation emissions whilst consolidating our ethos of partnering with local companies across the region.
  • Super Light Weight – The Victor V9 weighs just 6kg, which is around 1.5Kg or 20% lighter than the industry standard. This makes the Victor V9 incredibly easy to manoeuvre whilst not being cumbersome for our team of 550 plus frontline cleaning staff!
  • Powerful Ametek Motor – The high quality, powerful 600w Ametek motor delivers high power suction and lasting performance, whilst remaining extra quiet only creating 60 decibels of sound. Due to the quality of the Ametek Motor it also takes less energy from the power source, without compromising on suction.

In a nutshell this new addition to our array of cleaning equipment across our contract portfolios offers more effectiveness, advantageous ergonomic credentials and longevity than the previous tub vac used whilst allowing us to clearly meet the strict standards set by our own internal management system, we clean GREEN, so that we can truly deliver consistently sustainable cleaning solutions to our existing and prospective clients.

Paul Concannon Director, commented:

“We are delighted to have partnered with ‘Victor’ a longstanding and very recognisable brand within the contract cleaning industry – as a likeminded Birmingham based businesses we believe that our partnership will allow us to effectively and consistently bring ‘sustainable professional cleaning’ services to the many organisations we service across the Midlands region!”


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