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As an organisation, we clean is committed to providing and developing quality services that have a minimal environmental impact so as to help safe guard our worlds precious natural resources for future generations.

The Company has consciously developed an internal Environmental Management System (EMS) ‘we clean GREEN’. The system’s overriding objective is to ensure that ‘green cleaning’ is at the very core of our daily activities and this formed the focal point of our ISO14001 Accreditation. 

Critical to our ‘Green’ success is partnering with like-minded organisations that produce and supply environmentally friendly Recycled Paper Products, Eco Dosing Chemicals, Best Practice Training Systems and Service Innovation that will inherently protect our shared environment. Our passion to work green is encapsulated with the management message of our ‘principal’ supply partner, Merton Group UK: “working towards a safer environment”. 

Merton Group has been a critical supply partner to we clean for over a decade, and our organisation is very much aligned with the Merton commitment to providing sustainability and greener solutions, whilst maintaining quality and effective cleaning products. In particular, one of their latest innovations, Ecodosing, is a great way to reduce waste, and help us to become more environmentally friendly.

Ecodosing is an exciting new concept, which uses a clever dispensing mechanism allowing accurately measured shots of the super concentrated liquid without the need for cumbersome and costly dispenser units that have to be located in often ‘space restricted’ cleaning cupboards.

Quick and easy to use, the portable, lightweight bottles deliver a controlled dose of super concentrate directly into either a 750ml trigger spray bottle or bucket. A single bottle of 1 litre or 250ml concentrate achieves significant cost-per-use savings compared to standard 5 litre bottle products, yet weighs less, is easier to store, easier to handle and more environmentally friendly to transport. Most importantly, there’s no chance of pouring money away through incorrect dosage. A simple 10ml squeeze-and-fill chamber eliminates product wastage and ensures accurate dosing every time. The handy-size 1 litre bottle will fill up to 100 triggers or 50 buckets, and is very easy to store. 

In addition, Merton UK Group have been pioneers in developing a full range of Washroom disposable paper products made entirely from recycled paper to the Contract Cleaning Industry allowing ‘environmentally conscious’ businesses the opportunity to lessen the environmental impact of their operations.

The recycled paper supplied to we clean via Merton UK Group has undergone a very sophisticated de-inking and washing process. This process uses no bleach and therefore dramatically reduces the discharge of harmful dioxins. The energy source for drying and steaming is natural gas and the water system is filtered and recycled to give further energy savings. All waste solids are inert and virtually harmless and the process also has the benefit of giving the paper a higher tensile strength as a result of slower bonding of the fibres.

As a Company we are fully committed to being environmentally pro-active, our Environmental Management System is always looking for ways to reduce our negative impacts on the environment, as we continue to grow our reputation as the ‘GREEN’ Company for Birmingham and wider Midlands region!






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