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Building the ‘New Norm’ @ The West Brom

Building the ‘New Norm’ @ The West Brom

The recent shift in working patterns has been dramatically accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, with large workforces across the globe being confined to home-working when the virus was most rampant. Whilst the remote working trend was emerging prior to the pandemic, the onset of COVID-19 resulted in our daily lives being dramatically affected and organisations were forced into this new method, with it unlikely for us to ever return to the pre-COVID way of working, changing the office landscape forever.

However, the commercial office space sector has shown great resilience, adapting to the ‘new norm’ and hybrid method of working. As such, demand for tenanted or co-working office space has surged through Q1 of 2022, with companies looking to test the waters post-pandemic rather than commit to long term leases and gauge how employees respond to office working following the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this in mind a large number of our long-standing corporate and blue chip clients like The West Brom Building Society have also embraced the ‘new norm’, recently installing an extensive ‘Micro-Market – Self Service Café’ via Walsall based Coinadrink as well as introducing a number of multi-use workspaces throughout the facility geared towards maximising employees time when on-site and encouraging a collaborative working environment. 

For nearly two decades we clean has been serving a wide and varied portfolio, and our management team possesses well over 80+ years of industry experience. As a result, we are well positioned to keep clients and their stakeholders safe. Daytime cleaning has become ever more prevalent following COVID-19 and is certainly something we as an organisation champion, with there now being a greater need for immaculately uniformed, highly trained Cleaning Technicians who operate within a very much public facing role, carrying out vital touchpoint cleaning across office ‘hotspots’ such as kitchenettes and washrooms.

micro market 3 1
David Bird carrying out important daytime cleaning.

Within The West Brom’s, Providence Place facility in West Bromwich, we have provided a steadfast daytime presence, with David and Linda Bird, long-term employees across The West Brom Head Office and branch network carrying out these important roles.

David and Linda are on hand throughout core business hours to respond to busier periods within the ‘Micro-Market’, replenish consumable stock across washrooms and carry out sanitisation cleaning.

There are numerous benefits to a strong daytime cleaning presence:

  • Any spillages can be dealt with immediately
  • Symbolically, the presence of an immaculately uniformed Cleaning Technician helps alleviate concerns employees may have upon returning to the office.
  • Ensures minimal build up of dirt, bacteria and viruses, meaning workplaces remain both aesthetically and hygienically safe at all times.

Contract Manager Jane Shields, who manages The West Brom’s Head Office and 36 strong branch network is confident of the benefits a daytime cleaning service brings:

“David and Linda are exemplary employees, they have both worked for we clean for well over a decade and their experience is critical as I trust them to carry out important cleaning roles across the West Brom’s portfolio. They are always on-time, well uniformed and they are genuinely proud to be carrying out their cleaning roles. We often receive positive feedback from both our main client contact, Corporate Facilities Manager Mark Brayford as well as a number of The West Brom’s own employees.”

micro market 5
David and Linda Bird in The West Brom’s New Micro-Market!

With ever increasing agile and flexible working environments, daytime cleaning is here to stay and in conjunction with Training Manager Duncan Thomson we are ensuring our staff and management are poised to keep clients and their staff alike safe, as the ‘return to work’ picks up speed and offices across the Midlands become busier and busier.


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