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Dave Barr is our 2018 ‘Dee Richards’ Pride Award Champion!

Dave Barr is our 2018 ‘Dee Richards’ Pride Award Champion!

We are absolutely thrilled to formally announce Dave Barr as the 2018 we clean ‘Dee Richards’ Pride Award Champion!

The ‘Dee Richards’ Pride Award is a lasting memorial to Dee Richards, an individual who over a 13-year period devoted herself to developing and motivating cleaning teams throughout we clean, displaying outstanding loyalty and commitment to our organisation.

In receiving this prestigious award, Dave knows that during his 14 years with the business, he has truly brought something incredibly special to we clean and he has applied himself in such a manner that Dee herself would be immensely proud of.

Dave is our Site Cleaning Manager for the popular tourist attraction and conferencing centre, British Motor Museum, located in the Warwickshire countryside. Dave relishes the challenge that this iconic and extremely busy facility presents on a daily basis as he strives to maintain exemplary cleaning standards. Dave leads very much by example and his team of 6 Full Time Cleaning Staff have the utmost respect for him and are motivated to go the extra mile due to his embracing management style.

Dave pictured with Antonio Leite, a member of the British Motor Museum Cleaning Team, who received a Pride Award this year.

Managing the Daily Cleaning within such a large, public facing venue is no small feat and takes real passion and a keen eye for detail. Dave has to be proactive when dealing with popular times at the museum and be conscientious when working amongst visitors. He is always smartly dressed in immaculate uniform and if you see him within the Museum its very likely he’s got a smile on his face!

After receiving his Pride Award, Dave commented:

I’m so happy to be appreciated and the award means a lot! I’ve worked with we clean for 14 years and been at the British Motor Museum for 8 years now, so a big thank you to Paul and David for recognising my contribution to the business and making me the Dee Richards Pride Award Champion for 2018. Dee was a great lady, just a really nice person and somebody that is severely missed by all of us, she was certainly an inspiration to many of within the we clean and I for one learnt a great deal from her about pushing yourself and working hard and that’s why this award means so much to me”.

“In addition I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to Andrea Bruneau (Site Services Manager), Tom O’Reilly (General Manager) and Jeff Coope (Director of Operations), who have been so supportive of me during my time on site, they really are tremendous to work with, I’m lucky to have built up a such solid working relationship with them all where they are so pleased with what the team and myself are doing on site”.

Dave Barr alongside Andrea Bruneau, British Motor Museum.

Finally, Paul Concannon Director offered his thoughts on Dave:

Dave was the outstanding candidate for the Dee Richards Pride Champion Award for this year. Throughout his 14 years with the business he has shown an unbelievable work ethic, he is an extremely popular member of the team and has built a fantastic rapport with our client contacts on site at the British Motor Museum due to his professionalism, Integrity and desire to do the job right!”

Dee always had a lot of time for Dave and she would be thrilled that his loyalty and commitment to our organisation has been recognised in her name

Well done Davie Barr – we are all very proud of you!



The 2018 'Dee Richards' Pride Award Winners!


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