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Integrity is Key!

Integrity is Key!

Integrity has been at the heart of we clean since our inception in 2003, we take great pride in our staff operating with the utmost integrity and it has been the backbone upon which our organisation has evolved over the past 19 years!

If there is an incident out of hours within a work environment, an item goes missing, or a glass is broken, frustratingly the on-site cleaning team are usually the ones who come under immediate suspicion – a perception not helped by the recent ITV Series ‘Cleaning Up’, in which a cleaning operative in a corporate banking environment begins stealing from her client!

We can genuinely say that in our experience over 19 years of trading 99% of such incidents never involve our cleaning staff at all – a display of ‘integrity’ that is critical when supporting a contractual portfolio that includes a number of prestigious law firms, banking institutions and corporate office facilities where there is an array of sensitive documents and data.

Recently one of our Cleaning Operatives Fatoumata Minteh – Jadama went above and beyond with a sensitive on site situation displaying outstanding integrity at our longstanding client, the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce’s offices in Edgbaston.

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Pictured: Paul Concannon Director with Fatima, Kate Warnaby (Client) and Maureen Francis.

An employee of the Chambers misplaced her wedding ring within the office setting which caused particular emotional distress as the employee had unfortunately recently been widowed and she with the rest of the staff frantically turned the office upside down in a bid to locate it with no success.

Upon arriving for her cleaning shift Fatima as she is known on site not aware of the situation began her shift as normal, but as she was carrying out her cleaning duties she came across the said wedding ring and the following day when starting her shift immediately handed it in to our client contact on site Kate Warnaby Executive Assistant to the CEO of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

Kate noted:

 “I cannot tell you the relief within the office when Fatima handed me the wedding ring, Jane who had lost the ring was reduced to tears and couldn’t thank Fatima enough so much so that she wished to give Fatima a monetary reward there and then but Fatima gracefully refused stating that she only did what any good person should do! I felt it only right to inform Maureen Francis Contract Manager of the situation and the wonderful integrity Fatima had displayed.”

Maureen duly informed Directors David Harker and Paul Concannon of the events at the Chambers Offices and with Integrity at the very core of the we clean operation the latter ensured that he attended site in person to meet with Fatima and present her with some flowers to highlight their appreciation of her outstanding display of everything that is good about the organisation!

Our company mission is to enhance and raise the profile of the cleaning industry and particularly our cleaning staff, this fantastic act of trust reassures us that our management and staff are buying into this mission and operating with the utmost integrity, day in, day out!


A Decade of Committed Service at We Clean!


Inspired to achieve @ the MAC - Management Day 2022!


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