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We Clean – On The Path To Progression

We Clean – On The Path To Progression

Contract Managers Richard and Robb manage a wide portfolio of clients as well as multiple teams of Cleaning Operatives who are contracted to each of their sites. It is a fast paced, dynamic role which incorporates all facets of micro-management and requires a strong sense of leadership.

From L-R: Richard Wharton, Contract Manager, Rachael Peacock, Procurement & Fleet Administrator and Robb Paton, Contract Manager.

Richard WhartonILM Management Course

This course was carried out online over 12 weeks and was split into two primary modules.

Organisational Leadership Skills – This module centred on Richard’s role as a facilitator and motivator of people, it also provided him with the opportunity to assess his natural leadership style and how to garner the best from different people and situations that he may encounter. The training within this course has enabled him to understand the cultural impact he may have upon staff and how his actions motivate and drive cleaning teams.

Strategic Thinking and Decision Making – This module enabled Richard to assess and analyse the macro environment in which we clean operates by using the PESTLE analytic tool he was able to delve into the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that could potentially affect the day to day running of a site within his remit.

Richard commented:

“This course was very challenging and required me to carry out plenty of research into areas of we clean that I may have previously never considered with a number of the topics being geared towards senior management or business owners. In completing this qualification, I have developed many attributes that will benefit me immediately in the managing of clients, sites and of course cleaning staff. I have developed a real understanding of where our organisation is at in terms of the wider marketplace and how to take positive action towards delivering service excellence to our client base!”

Robb Paton – Leadership & Management

Like Richard’s, Robb’s course was also online and consisted of two primary modules, Understanding Leadership & Understanding The Communication Process.

Understanding Leadership – As the name suggests this module homed in on all things leadership including:

  • Directing
  • Mentoring
  • Supporting
  • Enabling

As well as the above, the course analysed leadership flexibility and how as a manager Robb must be versatile in his role of catering to different cleaning teams who all have different requirements and needs.

Understanding the Communication Process – This module included theory on the process of communication and how as a leader Robb can understand and use effective communication to his advantage. Utilising the DISC system (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness & Compliance) which is designed to assess personality traits, Robb also discovered communication techniques to promote positive communication between colleagues and clients. Also within this module Robb studied techniques on developing rapport with colleagues and key client contacts and how to utilise body language to deliver the right message.

Robb found the course to be demanding, but immensely rewarding:

“It was challenging and certainly pushed me however it offered me great insight and is already helping and aiding me in my day-to-day role. As a contract manager good communication is imperative, I understand that often the work our cleaning operative’s carry out is difficult and so positive communication and reinforcement is essential in managing our staff and ensuring they are motivated. I am looking forward to furthering my skillset and adding to the service offering we clean provides!”

Director Paul Concannon commented:

“We are delighted that both Richard and Robb completed an NVQ Level 5 and Level 3 respectively in Leadership and Management which is critical in supporting the long term strategic aspirations of the organisation as a people business we are genuinely committed to supporting all of our staff in developing their skillsets to enhance their own careers but also the success and sustainability of our business. Congratulations to both Richard and Robb as I know their courses were challenging!”

Stay tuned for our feature on Rachael Peacock next week which will detail Rachael Peacock’s career and her progression with we clean!


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