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Sad Departures

Sad Departures

We are sad to announce that two Cleaning Operatives who have been with we clean for nearly a decade, Pauline Redding and Harpinder Kaur, are unfortunately leaving the organisation!

Pauline Redding

Pauline has made the difficult decision to cease working due to ongoing health issues, and will be a massive loss at the UK-NSI Redditch site where she has worked so effectively for a number of years.

Daytime Cleaning Operative, Daniel Antwi Gyankoma, Contract Manager, Robb Paton, Lee Gordon, Location Manager, Pauline Redding, Early Morning Cleaning Operative, David Somerville, Facilities Engineering Manager and Paul Concannon, Director.

Back in 2009, Pauline was interviewed by Director, Paul Concannon and the Contract Manager at the time, Marie Peplow for a cleaning position at the new Headquarters for Kalamazoo Print. They knew that she was the type of person that would suit an organisation like ourselves, thanks to her likeable personality and desire to do the job right! Their judgement was right as today Paul Concannon presented Pauline with her 10 Year Service Award, a few months short of her anniversary, but very well deserved nonetheless.

Throughout her 10 year career she worked on numerous sites within the Redditch area, providing diligent and reliable support on each site. 

David Somerville, Facilities Engineering Manager, UK-NSI and our Client Contact commented:

“Pauline was a larger than life character when working at our site. I have known her for the last 4 years when she was responsible for cleaning our washrooms on the early shift. This can be a thankless task with her having to come in early in the morning to find the toilets in various states during her time. She was never shy in coming forward and would be straight talking. We had our moments but on reflection Pauline was a reliable and conscientious worker who gave her best in her role. I wish her well for the future.”

Harpinder Kaur

Harpinder Kaur is the other Cleaning Operative who is sadly leaving us. Harpinder worked under Lynn Gill, Contract Manager at The West Bromwich Building Society’s Head Office.

Lynn Gill, Contract Manager gifting Harpinder her flowers.

However, due to the changing of working arrangements and security times being altered, Harpinder is unable to complete her shift in the morning, and still take her children to school. Harpinder has been with we clean for just over 10 years and has been incredibly effective in her role, and has lead by example from the outset.

Lynn Gill is full of praise for Harpinder:

“I have so many nice things to say about Harpinder, she is so willing and helpful and always goes above and beyond what i expect of her. She is such a friendly and kind person, and just a genuinely nice person too. She works fantastically within a team and is very caring. The door is always open for her to return when her children are older, and i hope she does return. I wish her all the best for the future.”

Lynn Gill, Contract Manager, Harpinder Kaur and Director, Paul Concannon.


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