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We Clean For The Future…

We Clean For The Future…

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the Midlands cleaning industry. We understand that it is our ability to consistently deliver quality and professional cleaning services that will set us apart within our competitive market sector and without critical and regular training, we would not have the skills to continually evolve and grow.

Each and every member of our 570 strong front-line cleaning team will have undertaken a site induction and training when they joined our company from Duncan Thomson, Training Manager in conjunction with David Holmes-McClure, Health and Safety Manager.

However, it was recently the turn of Duncan, David and our Contract Management team to undergo training at the Headquarters of Environmental Excellence and their fantastic dedicated training facility for the Cleaning & Hospitality Industry in Oldbury, West Midlands.

Environmental Excellence are the UK’s leading provider of cleaning industry based training and staff development through their delivery of quality classroom and practical education.

Headed up by Managing Director, Delia Cannings who holds over 30 years of teaching experience and possesses a palpable passion for cleaning and the science behind what makes efficient, effective and safe cleaning happen!

Environmental Excellence delivered a ‘tailored 4 day workshop’ to our Management Team which covered in-depth cleaning science, infection and bactericidal control procedures, cleaning equipment applications plus machinery maintenance and training for the safest possible use. The workshop was designed in conjunction with Duncan Thomson, our in-house Training Manager to ultimately drive a more efficient front-line cleaning operation to our client portfolio.  

Delia Cannings, Managing Director commented:

Environmental Excellence Training & Development Ltd were commissioned by We Clean to provide education and training ultimately directed at up-skilling their Management Team and key Site Managers in order to drive an efficient, safe and more knowledgeable front-line Cleaning Team.

It is indeed refreshing to be met with such enthusiasm regarding education and training. This company has invested heavily to ensure further development of their Senior Management Team who will lead from the front cascading ‘best practice’.

18 of the company managers attended 10 days of training covering a curriculum rich in Cleaning Science content. A combination of practical skills, cleaning science, theory, environmental awareness and infection control was delivered in a stimulating environment, enabling the team managers from We Clean to embrace the fundamental principles of cleaning service delivery.”

Director Paul Concannon was delighted with the content of the course and the passion displayed by Delia and her team:

“We take training extremely seriously within the organisation. We don’t just pay lip service to it and this was an important 4 day workshop to enhance the knowledge base and highlight the latest developments in cleaning science to our operational management team”.

The facilities provided by Delia and her team together with the content of the course was excellent and the feedback we had from our Management Team was that they all benefited greatly from the course and will certainly be able to implement some efficiencies into their daily cleaning operations that they are responsible for.”


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