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Lynn Gill, On The Buses!

Lynn Gill, On The Buses!

Ten years ago Lynn joined we cleanfull of industry experience and a passion to succeed, Directors Paul and David knew they had made the right choice in convincing her to TUPE across to the business.

Lynn initially joined as Site Cleaning Manager at the old West Bromwich Building Society Headquarters, before progressing to Contract Manager.

However, Lynn hasn’t had it easy, she doesn’t hold a driving license and had to prove that she could fulfil the demanding role of Contract Manager by utilising public transport.

Lynn with Mark Brayford and We Clean Ltd Directors, Paul Concannon and David Harker.

Another notable ten year celebration is our anniversary with The West Bromwich Building Society. We are immensely proud to provide cleaning services to such a prestigious company and we are privileged to have built a great business relationship with The West Brom and especially Mark Brayford, Corporate Facilities Manager who commented: “Over the 10 years I have developed a great rapport with we clean Directors Paul and David as well as Lynn Gill who it has been a pleasure working with. I can trust them to provide consistently high levels of service each day, and any problems that do arise, are always dealt with quickly in an efficient manner.”

We would also like to congratulate Carl Turner and Karyn Reid on their 10 Year Service Awards. Both Carl and Karyn have been outstanding Operatives throughout their decade with the business and they play pivotal roles within Lynn’s team.

As Lynn enjoys her 10 Year Anniversary, we sat down with her and asked her a few questions about her career on the buses:

   1. You’ve been with we clean for 10 years now, how would you sum up your time with the company?

I have found my time with we clean a challenge at times, but that is the nature of the job and the industry we work in. I must say that I have been in the cleaning business for over 43 years and I’m yet to see another company better than we clean. Everyone is caring, (Directors) Paul & David treat us as if we’re extended family.

Lynn and her team of Cleaning Operatives at The West Brom.

    2. Carrying out the role of Contract Manager by only using public transport is very impressive. How have you coped without a car throughout your time in the cleaning industry?

It’s all in the planning, I research buses and train times and ensure that I know quickest way to get there. I have been doing this a long time so my knowledge is pretty good, but the internet helps a lot too. Also, I’m always meeting lots of interesting people. It’s a great way to interact and communicate with various people and I can also promote the business with whoever I happen to be chatting too.

    3. The West Brom and we clean also celebrated their 10 year anniversary. What are some of the challenges of managing such a prestigious contract, and how do you ensure things run smoothly?

 I can’t believe we started The West Brom contract 10 years ago. It really has flown by and so much has happened in that time. Just 18 months ago they moved into their amazing new headquarters, we helped facilitate the move which was exciting but also a big challenge. May I add that we have a great team at the West Brom and they do a splendid job. I’m lucky in that I’m blessed with excellent Cleaning Operatives who apply themselves so well each day.  I really do care about the team and it gives me a lot of pleasure to see the contract running smoothly.

      4. How has your relationship with Mark Brayford, Corporate Facilities Manager, developed over the years?

Myself and we clean have built a great relationship with Mark Brayford. He likes the fact that if there is a problem, he is able to simply pick up the phone and we can sort it out the same day. He doesn’t have to worry about the cleaning contract, that’s our job. I have always told him that if he has to worry about the cleaning, then I’m not doing my job right. 



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