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Driving ‘Sustainability’ Forward – We Clean GREEN!

Driving ‘Sustainability’ Forward – We Clean GREEN!

At we clean we are proud to be on a sustainability journey of dramatically reducing our environmental footprint through tangible operational improvement within the framework of our internal Environmental Management System (EMS) we clean GREEN.

As part of this ongoing management process we are delighted to announce the introduction of a further three British-built Nissan Leaf electric vehicles into our company vehicle fleet, taking the total number of company owned EV’s to 10 which is over a third of our total company fleet.

We understand that as an organisation it is our responsibility to ensure that we align ourselves with our clients own ESG goals, whether that be cleaning geared towards sustainability, adhering to strict recycling channels or owning certain accreditations such as ISO 14001 and so we are pleased to have a number of the EV’s we have introduced dedicated to contract sites such as HORIBA MIRA and Chesterford Research Park.

According to independent research from the European Climate Foundation, smaller electric vehicles produce around 15 tonnes of CO2 from construction through to scrapping, compared to an average of 32 tonnes for the equivalent petrol or diesel car, halving greenhouse gas emissions produced during the lifetime of the vehicles.

The latest vehicles are equipped with a 40kWh battery, 200-mile range and produce zero tailpipe emissions and the introduction of EV’s has helped slash our CO2 per mile from 135.2g in 2018 to 82.2g in March 2023, a 38.5% reduction propelling us forward on our journey to be Net Zero by 2030!

Birmingham introduced a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) as well as upgrades to charging infrastructure in early 2020 and the continued investment in electric vehicles is part of our plan to further benefit clients in the city and exceed the requirements of achieving cleaner air across the region.

David Holmes McClure our Company Health & Safety Manager who has driven a company provided fully electric vehicle now for over four years, commented on the latest Nissan Leaf’s:

“As an organisation we are doing our utmost to push sustainability and environmentally friendly cleaning organisation and these three new, fully electric Nissan Leaf’s reinforce our position as the Midlands leading environmentally friendly cleaning company. Through our Environmental Management System, we clean GREEN we are always benchmarking our footprint and striving to reduce it and these new additions certainly bolster these plans!

I am proud to be driving a vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions and contributing to our green agenda when carrying out my professional duties!”

Our we clean GREEN EMS was introduced in 2014 and thus far has enabled us to focus on reducing our Carbon footprint in a structured and meaningful way with the implementation of other environmental improvements to our operational processes including:

Our journey to ‘Net Zero by 2030’ will ensure that our services will continually evolve, ensuring that we remain the go-to cleaning company for organisations across the Midlands who are looking for a genuine sustainable cleaning solution!


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